Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trash Clean Up

Today was my long run but it was also a run that I decided to do a challenge from the Daily Challenge group in the DailyMile website.
The Daily Mile is a great website for runners. What attracted me to it was the "Map It" feature that allows you to map where you run. I use it to plan my runs. *It doesn't help when I forget what street I'm supposed to turn down!*
They also have a Groups section. I joined a group called "Daily Challenge." It's really a weekly challenge that you're supposed to do every day.
This week's challenge is titled "Clean Up!" And it challenges you to pick trash up as you run.
It was impossible for me to clean up all the trash I approached. At first I limited it to plastic water bottles since we all know how bad they are. But then they started taking over my bag. So eventually I had to limit myself to smaller things, like lowering the overabundance of cigarette packs.
It was also very awkward to hold the bag. At first I was embarrassed but then I repeated my newest mantra, "Let me listen to me and not to them"and it was all good.

I found three of these (okay, 2 were in my hallway). This was a last ditch effort for Republican Richard Irvin to win the votes for mayor. He lost to incumbent Democrat Tom Weisner.

The trash I found. It's only a 16th of what was on the road.


Dottie said...

That's really cool - doing good for the community while doing good for yourself. Love the mantra!

institute of lraqi scholars & academician said...

thank you very much