Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She's Gone Country

This past weekend I visited my family in North Carolina. I was real excited to run a few runs in the heat. But let's just say that I had too much fun in NC and I only ran once. Either way, it was a great run.

I ran next to puppies! (or rather, I outran puppies, aw yeah!)

I really got a chance to look around the neighborhood and get a different perspective.

This cross says, "One Nation Under God." Thanks for the clarification.

I ran by some houses that were so cute.

This one was my favorite. I love the little handmade American flag.

But then I also ran by a lot of boarded up houses or businesses. It looks like the recession and/or drug war hits everywhere.

This one was an old convenience store or something by my mom's house.

Back to running.
I've realized that St Pauls is not very runner friendly. The only place I could run a few miles without too many turns was a road with a speed limit of 55. I ran it, though, because the traffic was pretty low.
Also, most of the streets do not have sidewalks (including the ones with the most traffic). I remember learning in my Humans and the Environment class that towns that are less walker friendly have higher rates of obesity. Just a thought.

The closest thing to a sidewalk that I saw. You can see that it ends fairly quickly.

Now that the weather should warm up, I will probably be running more after work instead of at work.
I will be running a 1/2 Marathon soon. I just don't know when or which one.
Also, a coworker and I were thinking of forming a running club with some others at work.
So there is a lot of cool stuff that's going to be happening in my lil running world.


Dottie said...

Oh, dear sweet home North Carolina. These pictures mirror the stereotypes exactly, but also represent reality. I guess the stereotypes are true - ha! Wish I could have been there with you, having too much fun :)

Annette said...

Yeah that is true about less sidewalks equal higher obesity, but what do you expect when you have to walk at least a mile or so to get to a store? One mile equals too much time and energy for most people.